Crawford Bay's own bakery!


All our bread are made with sour dough, with locally sourced flours and ingredient. We pride ourselves in letting rest our sourdough for over a day which breaks down the gluten and create a better tasting bread.


Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies, Muffins Brownies, & much more! Different sweets on different days.


Wednesday - Whole Wheat
Thursday - Spelt
Friday - Semolina
Saturday - Multi Grain & Cinnamon Raisin
Sunday - Honey Rye

If you would like to reserve bread on a weekly basis
please contact us in advance!


Summer hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, 7am to 3pm

Winter hours are from Wednesday to Sunday, 7am to 3pm

Contact us by phone at 250 777 2537 or by email at
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